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Mutya Sai Laboratories Private Limited (MSL), based in Hyderabad, India,

Innovative life science products, custom synthesis and manufacturing services company.

MSL is one of the leading manufacturers of APIs, API-intermediates, fine chemicals and building blocks, advance intermediates which find wide applications in industries starting from pharma, pharmaceutical, biotechnology to flavor, fragrances and even agricultural.

Our Vision

MSL constantly envisions the fact that drug discovery and drug development are possible only when quality meets affordability. Turning this into a reality is our vision which we aim to achieve by offering products of top quality at competitive prices.

Our Mission

To delight our customers & employees by consistently manufacturing high quality products through innovation, research and development and by maintaining global best practices in quality standards and safety.


The base of MSL stands on integrity and no compromise. We make this statement with no ease because we believe that integrity is when a promise made is delivered. This is where employee ethics and corporate governance play a crucial role helping us deliver the promises made.

We, at MSL, strive to make the world a better place by caring about the society and nature in a way that preserves the environment, focuses on traditional values, respects culture and begets the best to the human kind.


Mutya Sai Laboratories always take initiatives and commitment on making continuous improvement. We encourage our employees to break the status quo, to search for creative alternatives, and to apply new ideas and concepts to achieve new arenas on our business development and service excellence.

Quality Service is our belief, and it is the most powerful way we interact with our business stakeholders effectively. Mutya Sai Laboratories, always listen carefully and act promptly to meet customer needs and reach beyond the expectations. Problem solving for customers is our mission, and we deliver product-service-knowledge package to build win-win partnership.

Innovation is the driving force behind MSL, backed by continuous improvement and taking up initiatives. This is achieved by encouraging employees to explore creative alternatives, bring about newer ideas and concepts into the business arena.

Quality Service is our belief, the reason being it is the most powerful way to interact with our business stakeholders in the most effective way. We are all ears 24*7 to our customers and are on our toes act promptly based on the need. This helps us reach beyond expectations in terms of service excellence. Delivering product-service-knowledge packages to build win-win partnerships is a step which lends great support to our efforts.

Employee Initiatives

Safety is our prima facie and we tolerate nothing otherwise. We tend to make MSL an accident-free work environment wherein every employee is wholly and solely responsible for all safety standards and operational regulations anytime, every time, anywhere and everywhere.


Business sustainability is driven only by enthusiasm for continuous improvement and growth of the employees as well as the Company. Commitment to job, willingness to take up responsibilities, undying team spirit backed by never give-up mentality are some of the key parameters that our employees possess and project all through.


Commitment to quality is not just a phrase that we utter; we adopt it in each one of the processes that we take up. Quality is a part and parcel of our value system that is aimed at putting in the best of our efforts in this highly competitive world of global business environment only to conform to the requirements of our customers.


MSL bases its business on core ethics and conduct, backed by discipline. All these are key factors to success and we will leave no stone unturned to achieve success through the best of these factors. No matter how generations change, MSL stands and runs on discipline.

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+91 9492433407

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